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No need to go to the gym and deal with all of the various issues of waiting for equipment, using unsanitary equipment and trying to figure out what exercises you should be doing on a daily basis.  Our Cancer.Fitness® Coach will guide you through what you should be doing to PREPARE, ENDURE and THRIVE during your cancer Journey.


Studies have shown that exercise is one of your best options for fighting cancer. It can assist in lessening the effects of some treatment and it provides you with a better chance of not having a recurrence after treatment.  This is YOUR fight and we are going to provide you with the knowledge and techniques for making it your BEST fight possible.

If you are familiar with the countless workout systems on the market today (you see them advertised on TV all the time) none of them are designed specifically for cancer patients.  There are very specific exercises and techniques which you must follow in order to stay safe during treatments as well as target specific goals like BMI, aerobic and strength goals which assist in your fight.  Combine the Cancer.Fitness® exercise routines, designed specifically for cancer patients, with an assortment of varying programs and levels including Martial Arts, Yoga and some fun, and you have a complete workout which you can do throughout your cancer journey.  Read more below to see some of what the program includes.  Keep in mind this is only a very small portion of what you can expect from this invaluable program.

Don't Worry...
We know this may seem complicated but our Cancer.Fitness® Coach will guide you through each step of the program.  Whether you want to dig into the specifics of each workout in detail or if you just want to follow along with the routines, you will find the experience enjoyable while you are transforming your mind and body into a lean mean fighting machine.

Below is a brief explanation of the various phases and levels within the Cancer.Fitness® program.

The Cancer.Fitness® workout is divided into several levels.  These levels are designed to support your energy level based on your fitness level at each stage of your cancer journey.  Below is a basic explanation of each level.  You will need to determine what your fitness level is by following our fitness level tests outlined on the  Cancer.Fitness® website (Soon to be provided on this site).

Note: Level 1 = easy, Level 2 = moderate, Level 3 = intense.

It is important to be realistic when you begin any fitness program.  Your fitness level is key to where you begin the Cancer.Fitness® programs.  Below is a chart showing you examples of varying fitness levels versus cancer diagnosis and how they should be mapped to the phase and level of the Cancer.Fitness® programs.  These are just a few recommendations.  Please consult your physician for more accurate estimations on what you are capable of doing as well as what to avoid based on treatment types and stages.


Assumption 1:  Newly Diagnosed, Cancer.Fitness® PREPARE phase

Example: Let’s say you are newly diagnosed with cancer and you have time to prepare for your treatment.  It doesn’t matter what type of treatment you will be undergoing.  What does matter is how you feel and how active you are prior to your treatment.  We’ll assume that your current fitness level is Not Active.  Based on that, you would choose a Level 2 program which will provide you with a fitness routine that will prepare you for your pending treatment.  The goals of the Level 2 program focus on several of the main muscle groups, aerobic conditioning and Martial Arts training.  This program level lasts for 4 weeks (3 to 4 times a week) and then progresses to a Level 3 program if time allows for the duration of time leading up to your start of treatment.


Assumption 2:  Undergoing Treatment, Cancer.Fitness® ENDURE phase


Assumption 3: Post Treatment, Cancer.Fitness® THRIVE phase

Major Muscle Groups Worked Per Level

Level 1 Pectorals, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, gluteals

Level 2 Pectorals, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, gluteals, trapezius, deltoids, latissimus dorsi, abdominus, obliques

Level 3 Pectorals, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, gluteals, trapezius, deltoids, latissimus dorsi, abdominus, obliques, erector spinae, gastrocnemius, adductors, soleus

WARNING:  It is your responsibility to consult a physician before starting this or any other fitness program.


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